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LED Cop Strobes 93188
LED Cop Strobes 93188 LED Cop Strobes 93188

LED Cop Strobes 93188


This product is a universal fit that is not specifically made for any given vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product on your vehicle.

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LED Cop Strobes

Item: 93188

LED Cop Strobes Pack Of 2 Amber

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Product Description

The LED Cop Strobes are powerful and professional grade strobes. Each bulb emits more than 300lm of light. The strobes use a new type of LED that is big and flat, and a new base that allows them to twist into position in virtually any vehicle. They were designed with an aluminum base with a specially designed bulb to allow light to be emitted in all directions simultaneously; taking maximum advantage of the vehicles headlight reflectors. LEDs are much more durable than regular lights. In addition to that, the control box and strobe bulb housings are constructed of durable materials that make them waterproof and impact resistant. Other benefits are that the life of the LED bulb is much greater than a regular bulb. The estimated life span is rated at 2000+ hours. The LED Cop Strobes are programmed with 5 different flashing strobe sequences that are controlled by a dome-cap micro-controller, which installs on the inside of the vehicle. The Cop Strobes include 2 LED strobe bulbs, 1 transformer box, 1 controller, 2 mounting screws, 1 EVO Formance sticker, and step by step instructions. Please note: Installation requires knowledge of 12V electrical systems. If you are not familiar with 12V electrical systems, please seek assistance from your local automotive installation center. For off road and decorative use only. Check state and local laws. Dont changeā€¦ Evolve

Product Features
  • Powerful; Professional Strobes Made To Fit Virtually Any Vehicle
  • Specially Designed Bulbs Outputs Light In All Directions
  • Over 300lm Per Bulb With Higher Intensity And Better Diffusion
  • 5 Different Flashing Strobe Sequences
  • Controlled With Included Dome-Cap Micro-Controller
  • Waterproof And Impact Resistant Control Box And Strobe Bulbs
Product Specifications
  • Color: Clear
Application Guide