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Electric Oil Temperature Gauge Kit 13009

Electric Oil Temperature Gauge Kit 13009


This product is a universal fit that is not specifically made for any given vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product on your vehicle.

Electric Oil Temperature Gauge Kit

Item: 13009

Electric Oil Temperature Gauge Kit Lighted Black On White 140/300 Degrees Fahrenheit Temperature Range 2-1/16 in. Gauge Size 1/8 in. Sending Unit Thread Size

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Product Description

Our Lighted Temperature Gauge kit helps monitor critical transmission or oil temperatures to avoid overheating vital fluids and helping to save hundreds to thousands of dollars of damage to transmission or engine components. A modern black-on-white face with 140°-300° F temperature range and a 2 1/16" diameter, this accurate gauge includes a mounting bracket, 1/8" NPT sensor, transmission pan adapter/drain plug allows in pan sensor mounting option.

Product Features
  • Transmission Or Engine Oil Temperature
  • 2-1/16 in. Diameter Electric Gauge Includes Mounting Bracket
  • Includes 1/8 in. NPT Sensor
  • Includes Transmission Pan Adapter/Drain Plug To Mount Sensor
Product Specifications
  • Bezel Color: Black
  • Bezel Color: White
  • Face Color: White
  • Gauge Size: 2.0625 in.
  • Measurement: US
  • Temperature: 140-300° F
Application Guide