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PowerMax Plus Starter 19004

PowerMax Plus Starter 19004


This product is a universal fit that is not specifically made for any given vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product on your vehicle.

PowerMax Plus Starter

Item: 19004

PowerMax Plus Starter 153/168 Tooth Flywheel 190 ft./lb. Torque 16:1 Compression Ratio 3.7-1 Gear Reduction Straight Mount Chrome

Sale Price: $249.00


Product Description

Powermaster PowerMAX Plus Starter. PE106 Hitachi Style Replacement. 1.8kw/2.5HP Rated up to 16:1 Compression with 180 Ft-Lbs of Cranking Torque and a 3.7:1 Gear Reduction. Billet Aluminum Mounting Block with 4 Position Rotation. All Powermaster Starters Come With Our Dyno Tested Proof Of Performance Guarantee. Made in USA.

Product Features
  • Hitachi Style PE106 Replacement
  • Clears Most Headers and Oil Pans
  • Can Be Inverted w/Solenoid Down
  • 4 Position Rotation
  • Supplied With Bolt and Shim Kit
Product Specifications
  • Style: Gear Reduction
Application Guide