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  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyethylene


Rough Country 

Molded UTV Roof

5 Parts

Molded UTV Roof
  • High Quality Molded Roof
  • UV Resistant
  • High-Molecular Weight Polyethylene Construction
  • Helps Keep Cab Dry
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy Installation

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Rough Country 

Tinted Roof

1 Parts

Tinted Roof
  • Tinting Reduces Glare
  • UV Resistant Lower Chance Of Sunburn
  • Protects Against Weather And Debris
  • Visibility Through The Top To See The Top Or Bottom Of Hills
  • Lets In Light So You Dont Feel Like You Are Under An Umbrella
  • Super Tough Polycarbonate
  • .220 Thick Material

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