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Manual Trans Assembly


TREMEC TKX Transmission

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TREMEC TKX Transmission
  • All-New 5-Speed/Single Overdrive Manual Transmission Designed/Tested And Built Specifically For The Aftermarket
  • Special Grade Steel Shafts And Wide Gears
  • Three-Piece Aluminum Housing Provides Outstanding Structural Stiffness And Increased Case Strength
  • Gaskets At All Flanges To Simplify Installation And Eliminate Fluid Leaks
  • Superior Shift-Ability Through The Use Of Multi-Cone Synchronizers
  • Three Shifter Locations And A Compact Design Allow Multiple Applications With Little To No Floor Pan Modifications
  • 26-Spline Input Shaft And 31-Spline Output Shaft For Added Strength

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Tremec Transmission

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Tremec Transmission
  • Popular For LS-Swapped Late Models Of All Varieties
  • Suitable For Conversions In 1993-1997 LT1 Camaros And Firebirds
  • 700 lb.-ft. Of Torque Capacity
  • Combination Of Double And Triple Cone Synchronizers
  • Gear Ratios: 2.66/1.78/1.30/1.00/0.80/0.63
  • Maximum Rated RPM: 7800
  • Reasonably Light Weight At 140 lbs. Dry

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