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Engine Cover

Hooker Headers 

A/C Evaporator Side Cover

2 Parts

A/C Evaporator Side Cover
  • Compact Evaporator Cover Designed
  • Allow The Use Of A/C W/LS Engine Swap W/O Moving Engine Forward
  • Allows Coils To Remain In The Original Location
  • Can Also Be Used As A Cover Or With Other Engine Swaps
  • Extremely Durable Chemical Resistant Material Ensures Long Life

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Design Engineering 

Thermal Engine Blanket

1 Parts

Thermal Engine Blanket
  • High-Temp Inner Layer Can Rest Directly On Headers w/o Melting
  • Durable Outer Layer Lasts For Years
  • Universal Fit For Most Chassis
  • Engine Heats Up Faster And Maintains Engine Temps
  • Built Ohio Tough

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