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  • New Vintage Styling!
  • New Machined/2-Lobe Rotors
  • Matched Gear Sets For Precise Rotor Alignment
  • Fully CNC Machined For A Perfect Fit
  • 100% Tested

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  • Supercharger Assembly

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Pro-Street SuperCharger Kit

35 Parts

Pro-Street SuperCharger Kit
  • Develop 400 To 450 Plus Horsepower
  • Low Profile Design For Good Conscious Rodders
  • Increases Torque For Heavy Cars And Towing Apps.
  • Great Power Adder For Low Compression Crate Motors
  • Various Snout Lengths For Different V-Belt Arngm.
  • Full Time Power Every Time You Hit The Gas
  • w/No Lag
  • 100% Tested

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