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Utility Bag

3D MAXpider 

Roll-Top Dry Bag Backpack

3 Parts

Roll-Top Dry Bag Backpack
  • UV-Resistant - The Outer Layer Of The Bag Is UV-Resistant
  • Preventing Fading With Time
  • All-Weather Durability
  • The Outer Material Wont Become Brittle In Cold Weather
  • Laminated Material Prevents Leaks And Additional Durability
  • High-Strength Buckle
  • Seal The Bag w/High-Strength Dual Purpose Buckle
  • Also Serves As A Handle
  • Large Capacity Opening
  • Comes With An Oversized Bag Mouth That Can Be Easily Filled
  • Simple And Lightweight
  • Minimalist Design / Weighing Less Than 1.5 lbs

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